Neocare Belt S 50 (3-6 kg)

৳ 1,200 ৳ 700

• Super absorbent polymer (SAP)
• Elastic back air
• Hydrophobic Leg cuff
• Adjustable hook and loop
• Breathable textile back sheet
• Product Weight: 1.5kg
• Expire Date: 5/30/2025

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Origin: Bangladesh

● Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP):
The fluid is quickly absorbed and keeps the baby’s skin safe. The SAP used in it can hold up to 300 times its volume of liquid so there is no chance of leaking.

● Elastic Back Ear:
Highly extensible and soft elastic back ear ensures full functionality between the hook & loop and gives the baby complete freedom of movement.

● Hydrophobic Leg Cuff:
The two-layer hydrophobic leg cuff is extremely flexible, which gives the baby comfort and keeps preventing leakage.

● Adjustable Hook & Loop:
The wide hook and loop system can be adjusted very easily as needed. The functionality of the hook and loop system is never compromised by oil, water, or powder.

● Breathable Textile Backsheet:
This special backsheet allows air to circulate quickly and easily. It keeps baby’s skin dry, soft and vibrant.

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S 50 (3-6 kg)


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