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Jungle Rabbit Food 500gm

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• Jungle Rabbit Food Has Been Specially Formulated by Veterinarians and Nutritionists
• According to the Taste of All Breeds of Rabbits.
• It’s Special Formula, Consisting of First-Class Seeds, Grains and
• Pellets Contains All the Vitamins and Minerals that Rabbits Need.
• Besides, Added Vitamins & Mineral Pallets Fulfill All Needed
• Vitamins & Minerals so That You Don’t Need to Use Any Separate Vitamins and minerals Supplements.
• It Supports High Energy Needs with Additional Vitamins in Its Content.
• It Increases the Quality of Life by Providing a Healthy and Balanced Diet with its Natural Content.
• It Provides High Immunity with Strong Seeds Grown in Its Natural Environment.
• It is Designed to Meet Its Physical and Biological Needs at the Highest Level.
• It Preserves Its Freshness Until the Expiry Date by Being Packaged with The Latest Technology Packaging Techniques and Materials.

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