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Jungle Cat Food Pate Adult Chicken 100gm

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• Jungle Premium Pate with Chicken is the Complete and Balanced Nutrition for Your Cat.
• As Made in Turkey, Jungle Maintains Pure European Quality Standards. It’s Turkey’s Number # 1 Selling Brand.
• Jungle Pate is a Paste type of Yummy food that Cats of All Breeds Love to Eat and It’s very Easy to Digest.
• This Delicious Meal Provides 100% of All Essential Nutrients that Cats Need to Stay Healthy and Grow Up Strong.
• Made with Best Quality Ingredients Sourced from Nature.
• Made of Quality Meat to Provide Amino Acids to Maintain Good Muscle Mass by Giving High Protein.
• Optimum Fat Ensures High Energy and Essential Fatty Acids Maintain Healthy Skin and Shiny Coat.
• All Necessary Vitamins for Body Functions and Enhancement of the Immune system are Included.
• All Necessary Minerals for Body Functions and Strengthen Bones and Teeth are Included.
• Taurine Plus Ensures Proper Eye and Brain Function.

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